Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Noosa. Domestic Minutiae. And Sonia Rykiel.

So, long time no Blog. 
We went to a Beautiful Birthday Party at Noosa recently. It was held in the Birthday Boy's divine Beach House and it was was Fabulous.
Everyone wore White.
Meanwhile, on the Domestic Front I've been cleaning out drawers, ironing like a Maniac, painting stairs, pruning everything in site and cleaning pavers with my high pressure hose. 
I know.
So calming.
This is a Fantastic Read! Filth stands for Failed in London Try Hong Kong (Ha!) It's about a bunch of barristers. Thanks S !!! The thank you note's in the post!
Enjoyed this- my memories are tied up with what I wore too.
This is a wonderful book too- Gee I loved Highgrove. So clever.
And Prince C has varmints at Highgrove- rabbits. As opposed to bush turkeys. True story. Saw them (black rabbits) with my own eyes.
Luffing my bee napkin rings Sick! Sick I tell You!
Saw a really wonderful Spanish movie called Truman. It's about a friends who spend 4 days together when one of them is told he's dying. It's not one bit sentimental. It's funny and moving and I loved it. 
5 Stars. 
N gave me her Dad's marmalade and we luff it. Thank you!
Vale Beautiful Sonia.
I'll think of you every time I wear this velvet smock dress. It was the 1st thing I ever bought from Netaporter (in 2008?) Here's a heavily pregnant me wearing it in HK in late 2010-
Are you watching The Royals who rescued the Monarchy about George and Mary? So good. Almost as Good as that show about Peter the Great on SBS.
Stay Motivated and Sane.

Thursday, August 18, 2016


So there you have it, I'm 44 and glad of it. 
Thanks for all the birthday love, it warmed my heart and made me happy.
My friends and family are everything to me and I feel lucky and grateful every day.
You know who you are.
Had the best lunch with gorgeous L at the Deli.
I know. It's stunning. And enameltastic Well played Mr FF.
Best dinner with the V's.
Mum's been living the Churchill Dream and Visited Blenheim- how good are their roses?
And Chartwell. So jealous!
The garden is stunning. 
Can't you just see Winston and Clemmie wandering about?
My Elena rose was Perfection. It's not a prolific bloomer but when it does, it puts on a show.
I hate to introduce a sad note but I wish I could reach through my tv screen and grab that dazed little 5 year old Syrian boy covered in dust and blood and help him. 
It beggars belief what some children must endure.